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I cheated. This is the drawing for 10/29 - only two more days to go, I'm not sure what to draw

Me: Yeah, I've gotten 100% in BlackOps
>it's Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified for the vita

People who play roblox
are you okay? did someone hurt you?

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'Wherever you come from in this country, whatever land you stand on, you are on stolen land. This land was never given to what is now called the United States of America. This is a false government that is on this land. There are over 700 sovereign nations that live here– that were here before– that had names for these places, that had their own language and spirituality.'

- Corrina Gould

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never not pissed off that when I wanted to wear masks BEFORE covid-19 I was told not to, but now it's not only encouraged, but a tentpole of political ideology :smug8:

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The infected guest at the presidential debate has been identified as one 'Samuel Hyde'

ordered two extra tablet pens

it is really distracting to have to stop drawing when the battery runs out
takes an hour to fully charge jfc

sup , this is Luc the Gaming Twink™️ coming atchu with a new game haul. now these games are some titles I've had my eye on, it's not a set of particularly outstanding games but as any chronically obsessive collector knows, it's all about the rare gems and seeing the number go up - while wallet go down

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