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need bourgeoisieyoutube milf to whisper sweet soliloquies waxing poetic on the future of the proletariat into my ear

I guess another solution is to just suck it up and be a real actual hermit

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I live in a constant state in which I feel like a parasite invading the space of women and queerfolk, reflexively wincing with every movement as I throw caution to the wind in a bid to seem authentic and very much "myself" among other "real people"
the solution seems to be to
make "my own space" in which I will be able to operate without shame as I cannot take from anyone not present
but whom would I invite to my neogothcishetmascnhilistsovereignnationofdoom
women and queerfolk

"Spongebob Squarepants is the Ubermensch"

Destroying my body for the sick gains and shredded abs

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Sex is playing Metal Gear Solid V on the ps3 as Kojima intended

I think I might be from another dimension. in my dimension
Kurt Russell is dead, recently died.
But I see Jeff Bridges and think he's Kurt, but Jeff isnt dead so that's who I know who's who. But apparently Kurt Russell is not dead?? Who died?

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