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Destroying my body for the sick gains and shredded abs

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okay youre a gnome whats a gnome to a gnoblin

Sex is playing Metal Gear Solid V on the ps3 as Kojima intended

I think I might be from another dimension. in my dimension
Kurt Russell is dead, recently died.
But I see Jeff Bridges and think he's Kurt, but Jeff isnt dead so that's who I know who's who. But apparently Kurt Russell is not dead?? Who died?

r/amItheasshole : "My wife (39), doesnt want me (37) to have a necrophilia clause in my will, but she's the one who said she wouldnt keep my body properly sexxed up if I died."

>unrelated conversation

"Reminds me of the time I tried to (not) Casually explain to a uninterested GameStop employee that I wasn't a creep for buying the latest Neptunia Game because I also had a copy of Fallout New Vegas on my receipt"

>listening to Radio

>DJ wont stop singing over the lyrics


RedLetterMedia is like: "What if Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert got smashed immediately after watching a Movie, even if the movie was good"

uhh oh, getting lughtheaded
I better eatsmething

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