I'm Emuz. I'm very much one who has trouble talking about himself. I am into tech.. both vintage and modern, art (#photography and I like to work on #ocs [I can't draw though :nsad:​ ), and all topics emulation. I also like to work on cool things! #introduction

I run kafuka.me a new Masto-Glitch instance. I also run an old style web forum at board.kafuka.org

I look forward to meeting everyone on the fediverse! 💚


@emuz You manage and host your own web forum? You're so brave.
I'm jealous

@Julian Thank you! :nsmile:

I will admit at the moment it's mostly just a dedicated group of users. That makes things a bit easier. In the old days another forum (that this was an offshoot for) was huge and that was a super challenge. (thousands of users lol)

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