this dying + Google Plus Circles is why I'm never satisfied

Those Drum and Bass Tracks Toonami used to use don't really sound as interesting without the Cartoon Voices and fx

My Child: The Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Soundtrack made me Gay
Me: I Understand

I just watched Teenage Lesbian, that's it that's what it's called. I'm not sure what I was expecting.

"And what do you call this government?"

"The Aristocats."

I've actually listened to Humanz more than Now Now

I mean. The world is ending.
If anything it's the only moral decision remaining

There's a scene in the Dora live action movie where she and a couple of the people high on a bunch of mushrooms that release their spores into the Air
and everything turns into the Dora cartoon, with the talking map and backpack and all
Dora was high as a kite for the entire animated series

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