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I'm halfway there. I have failed to eat lunch at an appropriate time today.

need bourgeoisieyoutube milf to whisper sweet soliloquies waxing poetic on the future of the proletariat into my ear

I guess another solution is to just suck it up and be a real actual hermit

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I live in a constant state in which I feel like a parasite invading the space of women and queerfolk, reflexively wincing with every movement as I throw caution to the wind in a bid to seem authentic and very much "myself" among other "real people"
the solution seems to be to
make "my own space" in which I will be able to operate without shame as I cannot take from anyone not present
but whom would I invite to my neogothcishetmascnhilistsovereignnationofdoom
women and queerfolk


you have described the archétypal paradox of the nature of trolling.
it is from this dichotomy an Ouroboros of trolling culture stems

it is the pasture of this complex in which we lay the foundation of farms
the kiwi farms, and others much like it.

when the young troll can no longer find pleasure in the act of trolling in and of itself due to the stagnation of finding receptive and or responsive targets, one's gaze turns
to the morbid and perhaps, self reflective

image unrelated

"Spongebob Squarepants is the Ubermensch"

Destroying my body for the sick gains and shredded abs

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