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For some reason doing anything but drawing makes me miserable

"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

#Manyverse is an Android app for the #Scuttlebutt social network.

Scuttlebutt works differently to other social networks, it has no servers and your personal data is stored on your device. (Scuttlebutt and Manyverse are of course free and open software too! 👍 )

It's still slightly tricky to use, but Manyverse is trying to make it easier. You can find out more at:

and follow them on the Fediverse at:


with the lead developer at:



: I do Legs Monday - Chest Abs Tuesday - Rest Wednesday - Arms Thursday - Chest abs Friday and then I do nothing for the whole weekend because I'm either running, cleaning, or some other thing

( • . •)
/ >💾 U want this?

( • - •)
💾< \ Let me copy it first

(• - • )
💻 💾< \

( • ᴗ•)
/ >💾 Ok, here u go, frend

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