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Just got back from Playmobil: the Movie
It wasn't that great, but I'd support the shit out of a tv show :hint hint:
:nudge: :nudge:

Coming to grips with the limited nature of all of this. Like our lives, data doesn't live forever. Entropy consumes all.

"why are you posting this"
sometimes I forget between the weeks of Ramen and Soylent

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" I love Pizza and sushi 🍣🍣🍕🍕"

"Oh gah. I've been doxxed. Someone posted my ip onto App.Chan"

Age: 21
Favorite number: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It’s not destroy dick December yet 😩

Why are women attracted to penises? Are they gay?😂

me at 7: WoW Computers
me at ???: I wish my computer knew how much I love them

"How do you curb your crippling cynicism and self loathing?"

Well I own copies of a lot of Media
I'm an expert at balancing escapism with reality

Do onto others, before they get a chance to do onto you.

after years of Gran Turismo I can now only play rally games to feel alive

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are there any browser based mastodon/pleroma clients that have built in translation?

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Those Drum and Bass Tracks Toonami used to use don't really sound as interesting without the Cartoon Voices and fx

My Child: The Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Soundtrack made me Gay
Me: I Understand

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