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tbh, if your boss ever asks for your twitter or facebook, just say you don’t use either of them

even better is to actually not use it at all

>plays Cultist Simulator once
Videos Game have betrayed me for the last time

My Sister: "All of your favorite Vtubers are actually men with voice training"

Me: "I know"

"Nanako, put that knife down. aaaahhh Nanako why are you stabbing me"

People really get offended when I point out that they might be suffering due to an imposition of hardship that stems from their uncharitable perspective on things.

A shift in your perspective my very well be the thing that will change your life for the better

And yet it seems so difficult to grasp I didn't think I was suggesting rocket science
Is imagination really truly dead

Is an imagination, a convenience of class?

"Julian, please. Don't do this rn, I just want you to take out the trash"

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its funny how i used to want websites to have scripts running on them. "ajax" or whatever it is we called it. because that way it didn't have to reload the whole page each time you clicked something, so it was faster, since the internet connection was slow. but now i kinda want sites to refresh the entire page when you click on something because the internet is fast now and the thing thats making the web slow IS the scripts

trying to put together a meal plan for the next two weeks that doesn't involve ramen is proving difficult

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