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Switzerland looking pretty cool. but I'm not sure if they would let me import my PC

soon we will be living in a post Smiling Friends world


now that I have all of the ps4 games I wanted I am going to proceed to spend the next ten years as a ps4 pro guy,
I was previously a ps3 guy, but then my ps3 betrayed me and corrupted my MGSV save data

huh. why hasnt anyone tried to make a Mecha Story in the Iron Man Universe

sony exec: "psx games look ancient - why would anyone play this"

we now check in with that same man, today in the year of 2040
how are you doing, you old fart

thing that annoys me:
advise that is given based on personal experience, without taking the other person's experience into account

gotta stop doing that

ey Piezanos. It's the first Bandcamp Friday of 2021! That means the platform foregoes its rev share and artists and labels get the most from your dollaroos! Anyone on BandCamp I should stan this week? :shiteatinggrin.jpg:

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On a conference call about getting new laptops, I meant to say "we should go with ThinkPads, they're built like Volvo's." but instead of Volvo I said vulva

yo dawg, we heard you like caffeine, so we put caffeine in your caffeine so you can bbbll3$t34t43wewef*#

𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫 :donald_boner: the Owl lady 𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫omfg I love her𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫

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