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>unrelated conversation

"Reminds me of the time I tried to (not) Casually explain to a uninterested GameStop employee that I wasn't a creep for buying the latest Neptunia Game because I also had a copy of Fallout New Vegas on my receipt"

>listening to Radio

>DJ wont stop singing over the lyrics


RedLetterMedia is like: "What if Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert got smashed immediately after watching a Movie, even if the movie was good"

uhh oh, getting lughtheaded
I better eatsmething

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Sex? heh, have you tried the Sequel: High Intensity interval training?
there's a reason people who like sex are attracted to people who work out, they want an invitation to the HIIT Battle pAss :steven_pun:

I have finally cleared out 28 million junk files from my PC, I can now use my PC as a PC - oh my sweet baby, my darling Computer, I will never do that to you ever again. they were running index+deletion for two weeks straight. I finally turned them off to rest last night and now we're back to normal working condition

pretty 'sus' that they cant decide what the proper spelling for their doofy GAMER CREDIT CARD is supposed to be

Switzerland looking pretty cool. but I'm not sure if they would let me import my PC

soon we will be living in a post Smiling Friends world


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